Listen to D’julz remixes of Santos on Monique Musique + djs & media feedback

December 1, 2011

After wowing us with the Shlomi Aber and Emmanuel mixes of Santos‘ “Primitive Cannibale“, Monique Musique roll out the red carpet further still to welcome a dream-team of producers all raring to give their take on the ravenous original… D’julz is among them with two cuts, alongside Reboot, Stacey Pullen, Tanov & Uner.

LISTEN : Santos – Primitive Cannibal (D’julz remixes)


System Of Survival – “Really like D’Julz hungry mix! Will be playing it for sure!! J” – Sharam – “Tanov takes the cake here for me – twisted stuff! Also like D’Julz and Uner’s mixes. Strong package.” – Bushwacka! – “Such a great release here! Can’t really pick a fav. Will play many.” – Technasia – “Great remixes by D’Julz, Stacey, Reboot and Uner. Will be playing those!! Thanks.” – Stacey Pullen – “Great remix package, all mixes are the bomb!” – Agoria – “Top package, will defo play more than one of those mixes!” – ONLY FOR DJ‘s Magazine – “Extra solid remixes J” – DJ Mag Italia – “Up for review.” – Smokin Jo – “Every single remix is excellent!! Big package.” – Anja Schneider – ” D’Julz does it here for me.. as always!!! J Support from me for sure!” – Riva Starr – “Wow that’s what I call a crowdy package! J Hard to pick one.. loving pretty much every mix!” – Carlo Lio – “Amazing package or remixers… every mix delivers its own flavor to the original. A great well rounded pack.. full support.. hard to choose a fav mix.” – Stephan Bodzin – “Massive package. D’Julz angry mix is my fav! thanks!” – Luca Bacchetti – “Complete package! I love all of them!!!! Massive release Monique! Thanks!” – Spencer Parker – “Das Boot and bebe Julz hungry mix killed it!!! J Love them both- thx !!! Will play both this weekend!” – Karotte – “Great remix package for me!! Reboot, Tanov, Uner and D´Julz Angry remixes are bombs!!!” – Monika Kruse – “Wow what a heavyweight package! Really good stuff! D’Julz Angry mix my fav.” – Kabale und Liebe – “Reboot, Pullen and D’julz Hungry mixes are my picks. Ha! So many to play!! J” – Franco Cinelli – “Such a great D`Julz Hungry remix!! Lovely stuff!! Will play! Thanks.” – Dan Curtain – “Heavy Hitting package right here, Stacey Pullen mix, Reboot, and the D’Julz Angry mix are getting caned by me for sure, full support.” – Laurent N. – (House Nation Radio) – “Massive Package of remixes. Really good. Will play & FULL SUPPORT!!!” – Paul Hamill – (Across The Line – BBC Ulster) – “Huge package of mixes, every one is killer!!” – Kiko Martínez – (DocePulgadas RadioShow) – “Superclass! Support.” – Raphael Dincsoy (Partysan / Stuttgart) – “D`Julz mixes are dope!” – Scan Mode – (DJ Magazine Spain) – “Uner & D’Julz Remixes are for me!” – Sergio B – ( – “Better remixes than original. Primitive Cannibale has groove but the remixes have soul and class. My favourite is D’Julz Hungry remix. Magic!” – – “Very nice remixes! Top package!!” – De:Bug Magazine Germany – “Considering for review.” – Edu – ( – “Wow! Great artists here All remixes are nice Excellent work Thanks!” – Groove Magazine Germany – “Review in our January issue!” – Radio Slave – “All the remixes sound dope ..” – Kaiserdisco – “Pfffff what a remix pack!!!! Could play and chart every remix of these!!! 101% SUPPOOOOOORT!” – Pig – (Pig & Dan) – “Wow, solid remixes, they are all so good I can’t make my mind up. Will definitely drop them this weekend.” – Mathias Kaden – “Wow….what a bomb lineup JJ I can’t say yet which will be my favourite…i have to try them all!!! Great ep!!” – Samuel L Session – “I really like Stacey’s mix and the D’Julz hungry remix. Both will def work for me.” – Raresh – “I am liking D’Julz and Reboot versions very much. I’ll be playing!! Thanks for sending guys.” – Gregor Tresher – “Big package again, while I’m still playing out the Emmanuel Remix… Great Reboot & D´Julz Mixes. Another quality Monique release.” – Craig – (Silicone Soul) – “Some cracking remixes here – the Tanov, Uner & Julz’s mixes are standing out for me at the moment.” – Martinez – “Good package of remixes, the best from Reboot, Stacey and D’Julz for me!” – Tobi Neumann – “Wow, many remixes for one of my top tunes from 2010. So far i can say that the Tanov, the Reboot and the both D’Julz mixes are my favorites.. the Uner one is also hot. Good package!!” – DJ W!LD – “D’Julz Hungry remix will get the plays from me. Good mix!” – Joris Voorn – “Lovely remix package! Favs for me already are Uner & D’Julz!” – Ambivalent – “The Tanov mix is great! And the D’Julz Angry mix is also dope!” – Alex Niggemann – “I like it when D’Julz is “gettin Angry” J Ha! Playing!” – Sebo K – “This is a really nice package of mixes! D’Julz’ Hungrey mix getting my support!” – Robert Dietz – “Huge mixes, can’t really decide which is my fav… love all of them!! J” – Laurent Garnier – “Love Santos and loving the remixes!! Will play a few!” – Tsugi Magazine France – “Cool mixes.”