Listen to D’julz remix of H Foundation on Soma in full + djs feedback

September 23, 2011

Here it is at last, D’julz very sought after remix of H Foundation on the 20 Years Soma compilation. Download it on Beatport and listen to it in full here and now…

LISTEN : H Foundation – Passage of Time (D’julz remix) on Soma


Reboot – D’Julz rmx is the BOMB ! – Anja Schneider – ahh another great D Julz Remix but also like Paul’s a lot. So will play both .!! Hurra ! - Spencer Parker – julz on fire !! !love it !!! - Karotte – d´julz & paul ritch rmx bombs - Kaiserdisco – wow massive release! love a mixes! Massive remix by D´Julz and Paul Rich!! also the Klartraum remix is very cool!!! 100/10 – points!! - IvanSmagghe – great djulz old school mix… - DJ Hell – d julz is the best mix - Carlo Lio – liking djulz mix alot! def will be rocking this… and feeling pauls new flavor as well.. full suport - Stephan Bodzin – d´julz is definitely the one here. will play this one a lot!!! ritch mix is also really strong. - Simon Baker – D’Julz mix rocks ! - Riva Star – D’Julz rmx for me thx! - Wally Lopez – Well to D´julz and Paul Ritch remixes - Hermanez – very nice !! D’Julz remix is a killer - Joseph Capriati – great remix package! will play. - Paco Osuna – D’julz rmx for me - Bart Skilz – cool package..full support!! – Edwin Oosterwal – D’Julz remix is the one for me!! - Dan Curtin –  D’Julez get my pick on this one, super solid remix! - Alan Fitzpatrick – Really nice, love d’julz mix. - Sian – big! - Mark Henning – d’julz remix is very cool - Par Grindvik – neat cuts! the originals bring back sweet memories! thanks - Ambivalent – D’Julz remix is awesome, and also really like the Paul Ritch mix. - Martinez – thanks, pls send wav’s … D’julz remix for me! - Okain –  I can’t stop playing both remixes from Paul and Djulz! bommmmmb - FabrizioMaurizi – D’Julz mix is awesome!!… - Technasia – d’julz remix is great! heavy rotation - Yousef – superb release. - Pig and Dan–  really really nice remixes as cant really decide which one I like more because they are all really good - Mihalis Safras – cant really choose a fav here! all mixes are top notch! - Dave Congreve – The D’julz mix is absolute fire!! Thanks. - Dave Seaman – great package of mixes - Monika Kruse – lots of god remixes! – Bucaille – Amazing Ep notably the remix of the french producer D’Julz…. – Trevor Rockcliffe – Just Wicked, H- Foundation Passage of time D’ Julz remix and Paul’s Trudaine mix. Feeling all! - Marko Nastic – great one , tnx! - Reset Robot –  D’Julz Remix sounds wicked. My ears are happy! – Louis Osbourne – D’Julz mix is the one for me…. DOPE! - Boris Werner – Amaaazing rmxs bij D’julz and Paul Ritch, Passage of time rmx destroyed already many dancefloors and im sure paul’s rmx will do the same - Hernan Cattaneo – really good pack - Paul Loraine – Probably my favourite release of the 20th anniversary so far - Markantonio – great one full support - Nick Warren – 3 Cracking mixes, all of them in the box - Daniele Papini – solid release, thanks for sending - Master H – Solid release once again love these three tracks great rmx from my Friend DJulz,Congrats to Paul Ritch for the deep rework of My track Magic K:) And very trippin journey from Klartraum support! - Miniminds – Nice groovy stuff.  Great work. - Ille Bitch – All remixes are excellent! Soma keeps on delivering quality. Thanx! - Jody Wisternoff – Yes yes yes !! This is the soma I love , deep melodic and gorgeous ! Supporting to the max :) - Skoozbot –  Really interesting release!  All three sound great! - Salah Sadeq – great pack luv it! - Jacuzzi Boys – Like all mixes. full size by D´Julz :-) - Dirt Crew – like all three tracks. perfect club music!