Hot In Press / June 2017 | RA News: D’Julz celebrates 20 years of his Bass Culture residency with new mix CD

June 25, 2017


Words /Andrew Ryce
Published /Mon / 12 Jun 2017

Mr G, Cassy and Steve Rachmad feature on the mix, out in July.

D’Julz is marking 20 years of his Bass Culture residency at Rex Club with a new mix CD. 

The French DJ started the deep house-centric Bass Culture night at the Paris club all the way back in 1997. Along the way it became a record label, releasing music from the likes of Mr GAnonymCassy and Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie, all of whom appear on The Sound Of Bass Culture. It’s a mix of previously-released tracks from the label going back to 2011, and it’s the second time D’Julz has highlighted Bass Culture with a mix CD, following 2014′s This Is Bass Culture.

01. D’Julz – Serendipity
02. Cassy & D’Julz – Not What U Thought
03. Mark Ambrose – Electricity
04. Chris Simmonds – No More Talkin’
05. Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie – Pajala Sunrise
06. Ron Bacardi – Rock Your Body
07. Mr G – JB’s
08. Mark Ambrose – Groove X
09. Steve Rachmad – Activa (D’Julz Edit)
10. Master C & J – Don’t Let Love Pass You By feat. Liz Torres (D’Julz Edit)
11. Sebo K – Brock Wild
12. Mr G – Transient
13. Anonym – Castaway (Orlando Voorn Remix)

Bass Culture will release The Sound Of Bass Culture in late July, 2017.