Hot In Press / June 2016 | D’julz talks to My Ibiza

June 10, 2016

Source: My Ibiza

My Ibiza TV: Interview with D’Julz

We recently caught up with Parisian-born D’Julz and discussed how the nightlife in Paris compares to that in Ibiza, Circoloco at DC10 Ibiza and his label’s, Bass Culture Records, 50th EP release titled “Transient 50/50” by Mr G.

Let’s rewind the tape back to 1992, this is when your career first began. You made an instant impact in your home city of Paris. Can you tell us a little more about the early stages of your career in Paris and how you first got involved in the music industry?

It was a slow process. I discovered House music on the dance floor when I first started to go out in the late 80s. My interest for this music grew and I bought my first 12’s and a pair of decks. My mixtapes arrived in the good hands and I started to play in my first Raves in 92’.

I did that for a few years in parallel to my studies and my early jobs. DJing became my full time job in 1998. That’s when I really began to produce and play abroad.

You have since dominated the Paris nightlife scene for almost two decades now with your legendary ‘Bass Culture’ nights at Rex Club. What has been your biggest highlight from performing here over the years and why?

It’s hard to pick one highlight as there have been so many amazing parties in 20 years. If it wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t have been doing it for so long. Being able to play what I wanted to play and having the freedom to bring the guests I wanted invite has always been the key to the success this night. Bringing an unknown DJ and watching him become a superstar two or three years later is a nice thing to witness.

Sharing the decks with many talented artists and with most of my music heroes is a highlight on its own. But mostly having a laboratory to develop my own style and having the crowd following me in this process along the years is the achievement I’m the most proud of when it comes to the Bass Culture parties.

How would you compare nightlife in Paris to nightlife in Ibiza?

At the moment both are great scenes but they are extremely different. The environment first, then the crowd, the vibe…

People who party in Ibiza are in holiday for one or two weeks, they come from all over the world so the energy is completely different than a city crowd who have their weekly or monthly habit in a club. The venues themselves are also so much bigger in Ibiza, that changes the entire vibe and the way DJs play as well.

It’s very hard to compare both scenes, but I love them both for what they are.

Speaking of Ibiza, you are strongly associated to the world famous DC10 Ibiza. What is your favourite aspect of performing at DC10 Ibiza and why?

It’s always been my favourite place in Ibiza even before I started playing there. Even though it became a mega club, and a huge international brand today, it has somehow managed to keep a family vibe to it. Despite its success, they kept inviting underground DJs when they could have easily stuck to the bigger names to fill up the place.

The music quality and diversity has always been important at DC10, that’s probably what made their crowd more mixed and more open minded musically than the other clubs of the island.

You have graced the stage in both the Main Room and the world renowned Red Terrace. Do you tailor your sets differently when performing in each room? If so, how do they differ?

And the Garden too. The Terrace is obviously my room of choice as I think it fits more my sound but I also have fun playing every now and then in the Main Room. There I usually play a bit harder and darker. Which hours I play makes also a big difference in the way I’ll play. For instance, playing on the Terrace when the night falls is an important transition from one mood to another, which is when the music should be following.

In terms of plans for Ibiza in 2016, what do you have lined up your sleeve?

I have my monthly residency at Circoloco plus one date at RUMORS at Destino in July and one Music On Amnesia Terrace date in August. This Ibiza season is looking pretty good.

In terms of venues, your several years of experience stretches far and wide beyond Paris and Ibiza. You have also performed in the likes of London, New York, Berlin and Tokyo. If you could perform in one city in the world where you haven’t performed yet, where would you choose and why?

I never played in Iceland. I heard it’s beautiful and that the vibe is unique so I’d love to go.

Switching gears now, your label Bass Culture Records recently released an EP titled “Transient 50/50” by Mr G. This was your label’s 50th release which is quite an impressive milestone. What does this mean to you as a label boss and what do you like most about this EP?

When I launched Bass Culture records in 2009, I honestly had no idea where it would go and how long it would last. I must say, I’m very happy it reached that number, and more importantly that the records are being played by many respected and diverse DJs.

A few months ago, I told Mr G I saved him the 50th spot and that I needed something special for this release. With “Transient”, he delivered very a special track indeed, so I couldn’t be happier with this record.

How would you compare this EP release to Bass Culture Records first EP release in terms of what you look for in an EP before signing it to your record label? What has changed over the years?

Nothing has changed, I always followed my DJ guts. I ask myself if I really want to play the track and if I’d still want to play it in 10 years. Today, I have to be even more picky as I release only five or six records a year as opposed to 10 when I started the label.

I receive so many demos from talented artists that this choice is sometimes very difficult to make.

Finally, where do you see Bass Culture Records in five years time from now?

I’d love to keep doing what I’m doing with it now. Basically – delivering quality and eclectic dance floor music, discovering new talents and sometimes re discovering forgotten ones.

You can catch D’Julz on the following dates in Ibiza in 2016:

Circoloco at DC10 Ibiza – Monday 13th June
RUMORS at Destino Ibiza – TBA
Music On at Amnesia Ibiza – Friday 26th August

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