Hot In Press / August 2016 | Pulse Radio asked D’julz what Vinyl He’d Die For

August 2, 2016

Source: Pulse Radio


If your house was on fire, your family was safe, but you only had time to save 10 records, which would you choose?

It’s the question we’re asking for our The Vinyl I’d Die For series, in which vinyl-loving artists tell us which 10 records they’d risk life and limb for.

“If my 13,000 strong record collection were to go up in flames (please no), I would most likely save the records that helped me define my style, and have a sentimental value rather than the rarest / most expensive ones. It’s a DJ’s choice, not a Discogs broker one,” says Parisian DJ, producer, promoter and label owner D’julz.

With a career that spans two decades, D’julz has been at the forefront of the underground house and techno scene in Paris since its earliest of days, much of it centred around his highly popular and influential Bass Culture night, which continues to run at the famed Rex Club today. D’Julz will be visiting Ibiza on August 26th for Music On, but first, we pinned him down to find out which records he simply couldn’t live without.

1. Mike Perras – Beginning of Life

When I began, I used to start a lot of my sets with this record. Both sides are underground classics. It’s also an appropriate title as it really was the beginning of my DJ life.

2. Break The Limits – Hypnotizer

This brilliant tune from 1990 was a classic in the Paris raves. It’s a very unique sounding record, which is at the crossing road of Detroit Techno, UK bleep and the then soon to become UK hardcore breakbeat. I always enjoy tracks which are hard to categorise, like this one.

3. TC Crew – The Key

Rhythm Beat was a sub label of SJ International and they put out some very influential club tracks by QXI, Club Mcm and TC crew, I played all the cuts of this Tyree Cooper record but ‘The Key’ is the hottest one here. That bassline is no joke.

4. Maurizio – Ploy (UR Mix)

Another Paris raves classic. How can you go wrong with a combination of UR and Maurizio? Still as strong today as it’s ever been. Simply Detroit techno at its best.

5. Subculture – Dreams (Tribal Life Mix)

In my opinion Strobe is quite an underrated label. I have at least 5 records from this label that I cherish. Here it’s all about André Hayden remix. I’ve actually been playing it a lot again lately. That sub bass still makes serious damage when it hits your stomach.

6. Moodymann – U Can Dance If U Want 2

Prince’s 1999 album marked the beginning of my passion for music and probably the reason why I got into house a few years later. Only Moodymann could have got away sampling “All The Critics Love U In NY,” and what a remarkable job he did.

7. Phuture – Inside out – Roy’s Rad Nomad Mix Roy Davis Jr

The first time i heard the wild pitch track, I was blown away. For me it was the missing link between European progressive and NY deep house and as I was into both styles I instantly got hooked. I could have chosen 20 more tracks in this style but this Roy Davis mix is probably one I have played the most.

8. Fresh Tunes #2 – With You

The ‘90s Dutch House sound which also had a huge impact on me early on. Ski and Dobre produced so many amazing records in so many different genres too. They deserve a lot more credit I think. On this particular one you can feel a big influence of Ron Trent and Chez Damier productions.

9. Chris Nazuka – Somewhere Between Distance and The Impossible

Classic has always been one of my favourite labels. Luke Solomon and Derrick Carter brought the science of A&R to another level. This track from Chris Nazuka really takes you on a journey. It must be one the most emotional piece of deep house in my collection.

10. A Reminiscent Drive – N.Y.C Dharma (Jori’s Slick Latin Heart Mix)

Laurent Garnier and Eric Morand’s F Communication was such an important label in French electronic music history. Besides maybe Warp, I can’t think of another label that managed to remain so eclectic while keeping the quality of their releases so high. It never fell in the trends trap (even during the filter disco french touch days). I will always remember the first time I heard this Jori Hulkkonen remix of NYC Dharma. Epic indeed.… and again, that bassline!
Some of D’julz’s 13,000 records

D’julz plays Music On at Amnesia Ibiza on August 26th, 2016. More info here.