Remix of Slam "Positive Education" : the feebacks

March 23, 2009

djulz pic

Loco Dice like D’julz dub ,Cool one!! Shinedoe Will play D’julz mixes Spencer Parker LOVE the positive education remixes !!! D’Julz dub is really cool Deadmau5 – Wow! What a package! Brings back memories. Carl Cox – Great package bringing everything bang up to date. D’Julz mix totally hits the spot! Adam Beyer – Well, what can I say, all over it!!! John Digweed – Good stuff. Top mixes. Yousef – Love the remixes, really think they are great! Darren Emerson – Loving both versions Monika Kruse – Wow what a remix bomb from D’Julz!!! Troy Pierce – D’Julz dub is great, one of my fave tracks ever! Sasha – Really solid – D’Julz mix for me. Rolando – I’m liking all the mixes!!! Got my full support. Will play out for sure. Solomun – Fantastic and fresh! 2000 And One – Been spinning the D’Julz remix for a week now. It went off at Tokyo Womb last Friday J Gonna spin the Paul Ritch next week in Berghain Berlin. Thx for this!!! 3 Channels – Great release, this is what I’ve been waitng for! Playing original and will play remixes as well! Cheers! Joel Mull – Very fresh remix from D’Julz. Original is so timeless ad still today on of my all time favourites. Have had so many good moments with this track. So I have to say trhe D’Julz mix comes very close to the spirit of the original. But with a 2009 updated sound. Top class. Kiki – Woooooow… the original was very important record for me when it came out the first time! it changed my taste towards more deeper stuff than the the breakbeats & hoover rave i was into before (well, i was 16!), so to see this one remixed makes me very sceptic to say the least. but you have managed to draw the absolutely right men in and yes: all mixes here will definitely be played out by me! this release makes it even more timeless! Simon Baker – Into the D’Julz, as good as ever! Dirt Crew – Fat package! Fritz Zander (BPitch) – Thanks. Both D’Juls mixes are very nice. But the D’Julz dub is my favourite here… Matt Tolfrey – D’Julz remixes are absolute bombs!!! Very excited to play these indeed! Craig Morrison (Silicone Soul) – Ritch’s mix is a beltaaaaaaaa! Looking forward to playing this out at the weekend. Hector Romero – Amazing pack of remixes – full support ;)  Stephan Bodzin – Amazing package!! D’Julz for the pool, Ritch for the club J Here we go! Full support & play. Sian – D’Julz mix and the dub are really solid, functional updates of a true modern classic. Leigh Morgan (Urbantorque) – Obviously this is going to be huge. Can’t yet decide which mix is my fave, I like the funk of Paul’s mix, and the techier vibes on D’Julz’s two mixes, like em all! Huge Ian Pooley – Huge classic! D’Julz did the right thing with it, just updated the Beats…Great!! Will play it all the time! Philip Sherburne (Wire) – I really like both of the D’Julz mixes – very no-nonsense, pumping gear, but very effective, with lots of subtlety in the details. More support from : Dubfire, Steve Bug, Francois K, Luciano, Mauro Picotto

Slam “Positive Education – the remixes” including D’julz and Paul Ritch remix is out in may on Soma.