Download Dan Curtin – Bass Culture podcast – Mar 12

March 15, 2012

The fact that, after more than twenty years in the industry,¬†Dan Curtin‚Äės music is as innovative and vital as ever before is testament to the skills and strengths of the man himself and the high regard in which his music is held.¬†With over 70 singles, 9 albums and a discography that dates back to first releases for Detroit‚Äôs¬†33RPM¬†in 1992, the¬†Cleveland¬†born producer can proudly wear the affectionate title of a ‚Äėveteran‚Äô of the music scene. Yet whilst the title refers to time past, its Dan‚Äôs ability stay firmly in the present that sees him remain one of the most influential producers of today and a clearly inspired dj, as you can see with this¬†podcast for Bass Culture Records.

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